The Pitching Prospectus w/ @CK_013 – 8.8.17


Previously known as the GPP Pitching Prospectus, this article will now cover pitchers for both cash games and GPPs. I spend a majority of my day researching pitchers so I figured in addition to my thoughts on GPP flyers, why not list the guys I like in cash as well. 

To be clear I typically don’t make my final choices until moments before the games start. This is because I am always checking the WiseTake Pitching model to see what opposing line-up numbers look like. I do however have a short list of pitchers that I am interested in for the day and will be sharing that with you.

The Pitching Prospectus w/ CK013

Slate Notes: We’ve got Kluber and Sale with some pretty big separation over the rest of the pack. 

Cash Games

SP1 – 

Corey Kluber: No surprise to see Kluber here. He has been dominant at home and the Rockies haven’t been a very potent offense away from Coors. We also know they strikeout a bunch. Kluber is coming off of a complete game and that normally worries me but Kluber has shown the ability to come right back the next start with consistency.

Chris Sale: Again another dominant performer. Patio Joe pointed out that the Rays have seen him quiet a bit this year and apparently Sale’s numbers have dropped in each start, still it’s Sale and he provides a high floor. I think I give Kluber the slight edge but it’s a tough call.

SP2 – 

Kenta Maede – On DraftKings he is very affordable, his match-up has big power but they also strikeout in bunches and Maeda’s K/9 is above 9. I would expect some of these D-Backs to hit a homer or two off Maeda but there is enough value out there that as long as he gets a few K’s he should have a decent floor.

Chad Kuhl – If you don’t want to pay for Maede as your SP2 you be intersted in the smooth sounds of Chad Kuhl. Don’t expect this guy to do what Trevor Williams did last night, but the Tigers are struggling and this park doesn’t seem to be doing them any favors. More importantly I think Kuhl is safe because he will be popular enough that if he busts he won’t kill your night.


SP1 –

Dallas Kuechel – I can’t trust this dude in cash the way he has looked lately but the White Sox are bad and even their reputation against lefties seems to be a diminishing. Keuchel is a top pitcher and eventually we right the ship. It’s worth a shot in GPPs but he scares me.

Michael Wacha – He’s having a good year and provides significant salary relief from the top two tiers above. Kansas City is a large ballpark which helps and Wacha does have some K-upside.

SP2 –

J.A. Happ – Happ is coming off of a great game against the White Sox and the last time he faced the Yankees he did pretty well. Happ is mega cheap on FanDuel and if you have expensive bats in mind he can get you there with upside. On DraftKings he is priced cheap enough to list him as an SP2. Great GPP play here.

Sal Romano – Yea I know but it’s the Padres and this guy is cheap. Adlemen didn’t do great yesterday but considering his DK price you were happy if you played him. I like playing guys in cash against the Padres but in this stadium it feels risky and more suited for GPPs.