Single Bullet Plays by @CK_013 – 6/27/17


In this article I will write up the pitchers and stacks I am considering for GPPs. I typically only play one line-up and enter it into the amount of contests I want to play for the night, needless to say my player pools are fairly narrow. 

To be clear I will not post my actual lineup as not only is it against policy, but because I only do one line-up I usually don’t make my final decisions until minutes before the first game starts. I do however have a pool in mind of pitchers and stacks that I am interested in and that is what I will be sharing. 

These posts are to help you now, but after reading them consistently my hope is that it helps in the future as well. 

Single Bullet Plays by @CK_013 – 6/27/17


Max Scherzer ($12,000 FD, $13,000 DK) – Normally it’s not my style to pay up at pitcher in a GPP if I know it will be the popular line-up build, but with other options on the slate I am not so sure he will be as popular as he should be. Keep in mind there are other cheaper names in spots that look attractive like Paxton, Severino, Martinez and even Pomeranz who may take away some Scherzer love.

To be honest I most likely won’t be playing him in my line-up tonight but I wanted to list him because I do believe he is in a great spot at home against a disappointing Cubs offense. Make no mistake he will be popular but as consistent as he has been with double-digit strikeouts, he should probably be 50% owned and probably won’t be.

Sean Newcomb ($7,700 FD, $6,700 DK ) – This kid is supposed to be really good. He hasn’t played on the road yet so it is certainly a risk although keep in mind his home park has been tough for pitchers all year. He has also faired well in some tough match-ups in that park and finds himself in a solid match-up in one of the best pitchers parks in the game. He is a GPP play and we aren’t quiet sure of his ceiling or floor due to his lack of sample size but he will allow you to pay up on bats.

On DraftKings his price is especially attractive to match-up with Scherzer. I do expect some ownership mostly on DraftKings but there are so many pitchers that he may not be too bad. Either way I am considering him for sure but of course I need to see the Padres line-up.


Reds – I love the Reds offense tonight. They have been quiet lately while on their long road trip, but they are back home against the Brewers. Guerra has a hard contact rate above 33% to lefties so I love the regular villains of Votto, Gennett and Schebler. My only concern is even though this is a huge slate, the prices of the stack on FanDuel are low which may garner some extra ownership for those paying up at pitcher.

Marlins – People just refuse to play this team on larger slates given their ballpark but they have some real power. They have a projected team run total above 5 yet because there are other teams with 5.5 and 6, they will most likely go low-owned.

Twins – Against Pomeranz? Yes. I know this one may be more of a hot take but think about this way… if you played Madden on your X-Box at the All-Madden difficulty level for a full two hours and then switched it to medium difficulty, wouldn’t it seem so easy? Nothing against Pomeranz I just like the Twins offense too much after being shut down by Chris Sale. Pomeranz is a mini, not as good Sale. It’s not like they are totally different in style (other than one being dominant), fool them once shame on you, fool them twice… you get the idea.

Indians – This certainly won’t be sneaky but the Indians are hot offensively and the Ranger bullpen is bad and taxed. Don’t expect to be sneaky with your Indians stack so in GPPs make sure you differentiate your line-up elsewhere if you play them.