Straight Cash Homie (Early) w/ @CK_013 – 7.4.17


Hey WiseTake Family this is CK013 covering “Straight Cash Home” for Patio Joe. Patio Joe will return Wednesday 7.5.17 but don’t worry we will make sure the cash game articles are covered. Patio Joe has a Cash Game template he goes by and I happen to like it. I will be writing up the top cash plays at each position based off of his cash game preferred template.

Straight Cash Homie w/CK013

NOTE: This is for the early slate only.  

8 GAME SLATE.  I’m here to break it down your best cash options and make the decision making process a little easier.

WEATHER:  No real weather concerns.

PITCHERS: Patio Joe generally pays up for the top pitcher on the slate, biggest favorite, etc. On this slate there really isn’t a top stud you must have.

Jon Lester– Lester is having himself a pretty good year. His home numbers over the last two years are solid and he draws a match-up against a K-heavy Rays team that has struggled against left handed pitching all season. Lester is expensive but he’s definitely the safest play on the board.


CATCHER: Joe generally pays down at catcher. $2700 below is my mark. I will list the best play but please look at the value section for the catcher I like.


Steven Vogt- Vogt going to the Brewers was quietly awesome. He is a lefty bat with good power that has been trapped in a pitchers park. He now gets one of the best hitters parks in the league and a match-up against Ubaldo Jimenez. Ubaldo has a .346 xOBA to righties this season and Vogt has a 40% hard contact against righties over his last 14 days.

FIRST BASE: Joe generally pays up for a first base.  These days there are always high priced options in good spots.  Most offensive production comes from first base and third base.

Miguel Cabrera- Love Miggy today. He should be very popular but this match-up justifies that. Miggy has a .414 xOBA against righties this season, 50% hard contact rate over his last 14 days and a 90.22 average exit velocity in the same span. Compare that to Cain’s .343 xOBA to righties this season.


SECOND BASE: Joe generally pays down for a player that is batting at the top of the order that is $2600 or below but this is an 8 game slate with limited options.

Jed Lowrie- Cash Game porn (as Patio Joe refers to him as) is a decent cash game play though his price is higher than we like for cash games. There aren’t too many options to pay down at second base while still holding a decent batting order spot. Lowrie is always a good cash play as is cheap.

NOTE: If we see someone cheaper batting at the top of the order, consider them for sure. We are willing to punt here if there are cheap guys at the top of the order.

THIRD BASE: Joe generally pays up for a top play at third base (along with first base). The most production comes from third base.

Travis Shaw-  Shaw is another guy thats having a solid year. He also draws a match-up against Mr. Ubaldo and is holding a .346 xOBA to righties on the season. He has been injured with minor stuff but it seems as though he should be good to go today. Shaw is also holding a .273 ISO to right handed pitching in 2017.

SHORT STOP: Joe generally pays down at SS but this slate is fugly. 

Freddy Galvis- Galvis hit a homer last night and if he’s batting second again he may be the way to go for cash games. His season numbers arent great but we are looking for cheap guys at the top of the order here and he matches the profile.

Andrelton Simmons- Simmons has a good match-up against Kyle Gibson and his xOBA is higher than Galvis. His hard contact rate over the last 14 days is pretty bad so is his exit velocity but he should have somewhere in the middle of the order again, he faces Kyle Gibson. If Galvis isn’t at the top this could be an option.

OUTFIELD- I generally will pay down at least 1 OF position $2500 or below, perhaps even two depending on the pitcher.  I try and pay up for one elite OF.

  1. Khris Davis
  2. JD Martinez
  3. Rajai Davis (Value)
  4. Daniel Nava 
  5. Matt Joyce
  6. Justin Upton