Straight Cash Homie (Main) w/ @CK_013 – 8.24.17


Hey WiseTake Family this is CK013 covering “Straight Cash Home” for Patio Joe. Patio Joe will return but don’t worry we will make sure the cash game articles are covered. Patio Joe has a Cash Game template he goes by and I happen to like it. I will be writing up the top cash plays at each position based off of his cash game preferred template.

Straight Cash Homie w/CK013

PITCHERS: Patio Joe generally pays up for the top pitcher on the slate, biggest favorite, etc. On this slate there really isn’t a top stud you must have.

  1. Chris Sale – He’s the most talented pitcher on the board and even though he got rocked against the Indians last time, the Indians have been especially bad to leftie lately. Sale is super expensive especially on DK but we saw what Pomeranz did to these Indians last night and Sale is a steroided version of Pommy.
  2. Carlos Martinez – Really love C-Mart today against the Padres. He’s a huge favorite at home against the measley Padres. If your looking to access to more expensive bats, perhaps C-Mart is worth rolling out. I would imagine his floor is higher due to the K-upside from both sides here and ceiling is pretty damn high too.

Lower Cost Options:

  1. Trevor Bauer – There aren’t a ton of cheap options for cash. Trevor Bauer seems like  decent option due to the low implied game total. Bauer is having a solid year and while the Red Sox don’t strikeout much, Bauer may be able to navigate his way through this Red Sox line-up.
  2. Jose Berrios – Im not crazy about this spot but I think he will be a popular SP2 option for those who can’t fit in both Sale and C-Mart. In GPPs I think a Berrios fade is in effect but in cash he should grab enough ownership to not kill you.


CATCHER: Joe generally pays down at catcher. $2700 below is my mark. I will list the best play but please look at the value section for the catcher I like.

Chris Gimenez – Vs Lefty in great park with good conditions.

Yadier Molina


FIRST BASE: Joe generally pays up for a first base.  These days there are always high priced options in good spots.  Most offensive production comes from first base and third base.

Rizzo – Great American Small Park against the righty Sal Romano.

CJ Cron – Mashes lefties but we want him batting higher in the order, let’s see where they put him.

Joey Votto – Maybe a better GPP option but he’s that damn good.


SECOND BASE: Joe generally pays down for a player that is batting at the top of the order that is $2600 or below but this is an 8 game slate with limited options.

Brian Dozier – Vs Holland, good park and conditions.

Ian Happ – Batting 5th

 Yoan Moncada – Good park and conditions.

Scooter Gennett – Again maybe better for GPPs but Arrieta hasn’t been as dominate this season and the hitting conditions are really good with the wind blowing out a bit to right.

Rougned Odor – He has been batting too low in the order but if he gets raised up he can be worth a look, keep in mind the ballpark isn’t ideal so he may be better suited for GPPs.

THIRD BASE: Joe generally pays up for a top play at third base (along with first base). The most production comes from third base.NOTE: If we see someone cheaper batting at the top of the order, consider them for sure. We are willing to punt here if there are cheap guys at the top of the order.

Kris Bryant – If he plays he has the best match-up, third base is pretty weak especially on FanDuel.

Adrian Beltre – Big park but Beltre has big power.

Rafael Devers – He has hit very well since coming up and he has a match-up against a righty on a slate with limited third base options.


SHORT STOP: Joe generally pays down at SS. 

Eduardo Escobar – Vs Holland, good park and conditions.

Paul DeJong – Good hitter, Perdomo slightly worse on the road.

Elvis Andrus – Not my favorite option in this big park but on a short slate we are very limited and need to be open minded.


OUTFIELD- Joe will generally pay down at least 1 OF position $2500 or below, perhaps even two depending on the pitcher.  He usually tries to pay up for one elite OF.

  1. Mike Trout
  2. Nicky Delmonico
  3. Mazara
  4. Choo
  5. Dexter Fowler
  6. Zobrist
  7. Schwarber
  8. Tommy Pham
  9. Byron Buxton (if bats higher in order)
  10. Howie Kendrick