Straight Cash Homie w/ @CK_013 – 7.22.17


Hey WiseTake Family this is CK013 covering “Straight Cash Home” for Patio Joe. Patio Joe will return but don’t worry we will make sure the cash game articles are covered. Patio Joe has a Cash Game template he goes by and I happen to like it. I will be writing up the top cash plays at each position based off of his cash game preferred template.

Straight Cash Homie w/CK013

13 GAME SLATE.  I’m here to break it down your best cash options and make the decision making process a little easier.

WEATHER:  We have a lot of weather to monitor and in some decent spots; MIL/PHI, OAK/NYM, MIA/CIN, and HOU/BAL all need to be monitored.


PITCHERS: Patio Joe generally pays up for the top pitcher on the slate, biggest favorite, etc. On this slate there really isn’t a top stud you must have.

Chris Archer– Archer’s home splits are no secret and I do expect him to be popular enough to ride. To be honest in GPPs I will most likely look elsewhere but for cash he provides the safety we are looking for against a K-happy Rangers team.

Rich Hill – I am sure people are getting sick of attacking the Braves offense but Hill throws a ton of nasty curve-balls and the Atlanta lefties are the only guys that can hit em. Look at his game-logs he has been pitching well.

Mashiro Tanaka – Tanaka isn’t the most appealing option on the board but he profiles pretty well against this Mariners team. He has great BVP against the Mariners and when looking at the profile match-ups it makes sense to me.

Zack Wheeler – *Monitor Weater* We have some weather to monitor hear but if your looking to save money on DK for an SP2, Wheeler is worth considering. His price would allow you more flexibility and while we may not see a dominant performance, we should see some Ks.


CATCHER: Joe generally pays down at catcher. $2700 below is my mark. I will list the best play but please look at the value section for the catcher I like.

Alex Avila – Batting 4th tonight and holds a .462 xOBA to right handed pitching.

Chris Iannetta – Batting 4th tonight great park, not afraid of Roarke.

Wilson Ramos – Should hit in the middle of the order against Cashner and his price is reasonable.

Chris Herrman – Very cheap on FD.


FIRST BASE: Joe generally pays up for a first base.  These days there are always high priced options in good spots.  Most offensive production comes from first base and third base.

Paul Goldschmidt– When isn’t he in a good spot? He’s got a .418 xOBA to right handed pitching, great park.

Josh Bell – Bell has done well against right-handed pitching. He gets a big park boost in Coors which gives us more upside.

Jose Abreu – He has an xOBA of .450 against lefties this year and great hitting conditions in Kansas City. He also profiles nicely against Vargas’ pitch types.

Justin Bour – Bour has big power in a great park with solid hitting conditions.



SECOND BASE: Joe generally pays down for a player that is batting at the top of the order that is $2600 or below but this is an 8 game slate with limited options.


Tyler Saladino – Super cheap and leading off in a park with nice hitting conditions, this is a full out punt against Vargas but due to his price and spot in the order it’s a legit one!

Jed Lowrie – We have to monitor the weather but he is under 3K on FanDuel and we have to acknowledge the presence of cash game porn.

Daniel Descalso – Batting 5th against a rightie at home, Price is decent.

Chase Utley – Cheap, leading off and Terehan struggles against lefties.


THIRD BASE: Joe generally pays up for a top play at third base (along with first base). The most production comes from third base.NOTE: If we see someone cheaper batting at the top of the order, consider them for sure. We are willing to punt here if there are cheap guys at the top of the order.

Miguel Sano – Solid match-up against Zimmerman from a statcast standpoint and from a pitch profile standpoint.

Jake Lamb – Looks like he is beginning to heat up again. Draws a match-up against Roark at home.

Mike Moustakas – Great match-up against Pelfrey. Don’t like the park but the weather certainly gives it a boost.

Cheaper Options:

Matt Davidson – If your looking to save money at 3B on FanDuel Davidson is certainly in play against Vargas. Again the hitting conditions seem good in Kansas City.


SHORT STOP: Joe generally pays down at SS.

Corey Seager – Doesn’t fit the build but he is at home against Terehan and he has been hitting the ball hard.

Zack Cozart – *Monitor Weather* – If this game plays the hitting conditions are right. Cozart has been mashing the ball lately and draws a match-up against a lefty.

Marcus Semien – Purely a price punt on FD, should be hitting second in the order.

Ketel Marte – Difo was hitting second but now is hitting 8th, I think at this point I would prefer Marte hitting 7th but again it’s a punt.


OUTFIELD- Joe will generally pay down at least 1 OF position $2500 or below, perhaps even two depending on the pitcher.  I try and pay up for one elite OF.

  1. David Peralta
  2. George Springer
  3. Chris Heisey
  4. Avisail Garcia
  5. Clinton Frazier
  6. Mike Stanton
  7. Max Kepler
  8. Charlie Blackmon
  9. Andrew McCutchen

Notes: The Reds profile well against this O’Grady kid so if the weather clears up I’ll probably raise my exposure to that team.