Straight Cash Homie w/ @CK_013 – 8.12.17


Hey WiseTake Family this is CK013 covering “Straight Cash Home” for Patio Joe. Patio Joe will return but don’t worry we will make sure the cash game articles are covered. Patio Joe has a Cash Game template he goes by and I happen to like it. I will be writing up the top cash plays at each position based off of his cash game preferred template.

Straight Cash Homie w/CK013

11 GAME SLATE.  I’m here to break it down your best cash options and make the decision making process a little easier.

Weather: Really liked Nola but it looks like he’s going to have too high a weather risk to play him in cash.

PITCHERS: Patio Joe generally pays up for the top pitcher on the slate, biggest favorite, etc. On this slate there really isn’t a top stud you must have.

Hyun-Jin Ryu – Ryu is a big favorite and has been pitching well as of late. He started off the season terribly but he gets a match-up against the Padres. I’d expect the Padres to put up a few runs but I also expect them to strikeout a fair amount, enough to give Ryu a decent floor. He’s crazy cheap on FanDuel.

Carlos Martinez – C-Mart has been vanilla this year, not very good but not bad either. He is a big favorite and has pitched ok but I am concerned about his match-up. The Braves just don’t strikeout enough for me to feel comfortable with a guy that has a tough time getting lefties out. Freddie Freeman is a pretty scary lefty, still I think in cash he is fine if you like him.

Jon Lester – Should rack up some Ks against the D-Backs but hasn’t shown us a high ceiling. Still his floor has been alright and the D-Backs strikeout a lot especially to lefties.


CATCHER: Joe generally pays down at catcher. $2700 below is my mark. I will list the best play but please look at the value section for the catcher I like.

Yadi Molina – He has been hot and his entire team has been hot. He’s expensive but if you want to pay up he has a match-up against Sims.

J.T. Realmuto – Realmuto bats higher in the order which is rare for a catcher. Hoffman’s xOBA to righties hasn’t been impressive and Realmuto has actually been better against righties.

Grandal – If he bats higher in the order he is in play. Will bat from left side and Chacin struggles with lefties.

Brian McCann – Gets a match-up against a struggling righty in Arlington with some great hitting conditions.

Jonathan Lucroy – He is having an awful year but his FD price seems accurate and he draws a match-up against a mediocre (at bets) lefty. He is also on the road so we will get a full 9 innings here.


FIRST BASE: Joe generally pays up for a first base.  These days there are always high priced options in good spots.  Most offensive production comes from first base and third base.

Matt Carpenter – I want to attack Sims here from ATL. Carpenter and this entire Cardinals team has been hot and I’m down to stay along for the ride.

Eric Hosmer – Big park boost for the Royals, and James Shield’s xOBA numbers are terrible against lefties. Hosmer has big power and the Royals have been hitting.

Freedie Freeman – C-Mart is decent but Freddie is a beast. Martinez has struggled with lefties and Freeman is a pretty damn good one. Freeman has also hit C-Mart well in the past.

Eric Thames – The price here on FanDuel is very interesting on FanDuel at $2,600 especially considering the game he had yesterday.


SECOND BASE: Joe generally pays down for a player that is batting at the top of the order that is $2600 or below but this is an 8 game slate with limited options.

Jose Altuve – If you can afford him he is always a good play. Monitor the weather here

Robinson Cano – He’s good, doesn’t strikeout much and we aren’t afraid of JC.

Jonathan Villar – I like Villar on FD where he is $2,300 and only if he bats in the top half of the order. Punting second is a popular move at 2B and Villar’s match-up is worth the risk on his price. 

D.J. LeMahieu – Match-up against a lefty and his price on FanDuel is under 3K.

Yoan Moncada – Good xOBA numbers for Yoan and the White Sox have been heating up.


THIRD BASE: Joe generally pays up for a top play at third base (along with first base). The most production comes from third base.NOTE: If we see someone cheaper batting at the top of the order, consider them for sure. We are willing to punt here if there are cheap guys at the top of the order.

Mike Moustakas – Big power lefty against Shields in a great hitting environment.

Nolan Arenado – Lefty masher and gets a match-up with Nicolino.

Travis Shaw – Shaw is having a nice season and draws a match-up against a home-run proned righty in a great ball park.

Adrian Beltre –Fiers has bad xOBA numbers to righties, Beltre mashes righties.

Justin Turner – Righty masher, Chacin has bad road splits.


SHORT STOP: Joe generally pays down at SS. 

Corey Seager – Chacin has been bad on the road especially to lefties. Seager is expensive but if you want to pay up he’s in a good spot.

Paul DeJong – Cardinals are hot and this guy is apart of that. Like this kid in general and like him against Sims tonight.

Tim Beckham – If he leads off he is still in play against a lefty though he has struggle against Manea in the past. I don’t like his price increase but respect that he has been on fire lately.

Freddie Galvis – Matz is struggling and Galvis has hit lefties well, wish he was cheaper though.

Zack Cozart – Cozart is almost always a good play, this guy can hit and he has a young lefty today after hitting a bomb off Nelson last night.


OUTFIELD- Joe will generally pay down at least 1 OF position $2500 or below, perhaps even two depending on the pitcher.  He usually tries to pay up for one elite OF.

  1. Springer
  2. Pham
  3. Ryan Braun
  4. Nelson Cruz
  5. Avi Garcia
  6. Cain
  7. Adam Jones
  8. Chris Taylor
  9. Adam Duvall


C – Rupp, Lucroy

1B – Thames, Rhys Hoskins, Mark Reynolds,  Albert Pujols, Yonder Alonso

2B – Villar, Lowrie


SS – Rosales, Trevor Story, Peraza

OF – Nick Williams,  Patrick Kivlehan, Nicky Delmonico, Matt Adams, Cameron Maybin, Nimmo