Straight Cash Homie w/ @PatioJoeRef – 7.24.17



What’s up Wise Take?  Patio Joe here to bring you your cash game article

I am not going to boggle you down with statistic after statistic on why a play is good.  I may give a sentence but that’s it.  I’ll break down each position with the best cash game play.  Each position will have a description of my general rule on how I select each player at that position.   What is a good cash game play?  Well, to me, it is the safest to hit his value, the most optimal play at each position with price being considered.  Next will be a value section.  These will be players that I will be playing depending on where they are hitting in the line-up.  I then will give you my MVP play of the day.

Finally, even the cash game guy gets that GPP itch. So I will bring you a small section named “ At Bat W/Audie.” Here I will break down just a few of my favorite team stacks. Nothing big.

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Straight Cash Homie w/ Patio Joe

What’s up Wise Take?  I am back!!  Party was awesome, rested up yesterday and now I am ready to go attack this pretty good size Monday slate!!

WEATHER:   Texas could have thunderstorms as Philly also.

PITCHERS: I generally pay up for the top pitcher on the slate, biggest favorite, etc.

Not an easy day to pick a cash game pitcher.  There are 4 options I am going to list.  Depending on the value that opens up during the day,  see how your line-up construction of hitters are and then fill in what you have left.  That being said here are my rankings of who I like in order at this moment.

Jacob De Grom- Best match-up tonight. Will go deep in game. Has great K potential.

Brad Peacock- *Monitor Weather* If you want to pay down a little and still have a great match-up. Peacock is your guy. A little expensive for my taste on DK. 

 Zack Greinke- Pitches great at home. Braves have been hot lately. I like Greinke a little better in GPP but if you go with him in cash I don’t mind.

2nd pitcher on DK is tough today, Leake isn’t bad but I don’t love it same with Ryu but I kind of like the Twins a little tonight. I’ll bring this up to the guys on the livestream.


CATCHER: I generally pay down at catcher. $2700 below is my mark. I will list the best play but please look at the value section for the catcher I like.

Evan Gattis– He is on fire. I wish he would play more.

Sal Perez– Great BvP against Verlander.

J.T. Realmuto– His price is going down a little. If he hits higher in the line-up. I really will like him.

Yasmani Grandal– Bartolo


FIRST BASE: I generally pay up for a first base.  These days there are always high priced options in good spots.  Most offensive production comes from first base and third base.

Mike Napoli– It’s hot in Texas. Great price. Been crushing lately.

Cody Bellinger– Bartolo

Justin Smoak– Back home, Great park shift. Pitcher is garbage.

Logan Morrison– Gascan is on the mound tonight.


SECOND BASE: I generally pay down for a player that is batting at the top of the order that is $2600 or below.  These are the top plays. Look down for value below.

Jose Altuve– Love him tonight.

Brian Dozier– .407 wOBA vs Lefties

Jonathan Schoop– .396 wOBA vs Lefties

Jose Ramirez- Attack Adelman


THIRD BASE: I generally pay up for a top play at third base. Along with first base. The most production comes from third base.

Adrian Beltre– See Napoli

Jake Lamb– I don’t love attacking Knuckleballers but he grades out well.

Miguel Sano– .421 wOBA vs Lefties


SHORT STOP: I generally pay down at SS.  $2800 or below is my mark. Line-up dependent.  Will pay up at times.

Corey Seager– Bartolo

Francisco Lindor

Elvis Andrus– Conley has been bad

Eduardo Escobar– .386 wOBA vs Lefties


OUTFIELD- I generally will pay down at least 1 OF position $2500 or below, perhaps even two depending on the pitcher.  I try and pay up for one elite OF.

The following are all great players, salaries not listed. Order of who I like best.

  1. Mike Stanton
  2. Nelson Cruz
  3. George Springer
  4. Michael Brantley
  5. Marcell Ozuna
  6. Corey Dickerson
  7. Chris Taylor
  8. Tommy Pham
  9. Starling Marte 



VALUE SECTION:  The following players are the value plays of the day, which are players where price meets, where they are batting in the line-up.  Players that can hit value easily because  Their salary is so low.  It is essential to have value players in your cash game line-up in order to be successful.


C-   Alex Avila, Russell Martin   

1B- Mike Napoli

2B- Chase Utley, Brandon Drury, Rougned Odor(2600 is amazing value for him)

3B- Matt Chapman, Ryon Healy,

SS – Marcus Semien, De Jong

OF-  Yasiel Puig, Bradley Zimmer, Curtis Granderson, Dexter Fowler, Trace Thompson

Remember if a player who normally doesn’t bat high in the order does for some reason and his at a very low price.  I will be considering him, So value may open up as the day moves on.



  1. Rangers
  2. Astros
  3. Dodgers
  4. Rays
  5. Cardinals
  6. Indians
  7. Twins


Any questions hit me up on twitter @patiojoeref!! GET MONEY!!!