UFC 223 Draftkings Update


UFC 223 Khabib vs ????

April 7, 2018 Brooklyn, New York

*odds are from 5dimes as of 1am pacific 4//18

First off where do I start …. This was supposed to be one of the most anticipated and intriguing fight cards in recent history. Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurgomedov headlining a stacked card full of potentially exciting fights but right from the start Tony gets inured and must pull out of the fight. Then the speculation of a possible Brian “Tcity” Ortega to step in or “The Blessed one” Max Holloway come in to fill the void left by Tony Ferguson’s injury. Max stepped on 6 day’s notice coming off an injury that had removed him from his fight a month or so ago. He can make weight, right? Then we had the Lobov/Khabib confrontation in which Khabib basically told Lobov to keep his name out of his mouth and to not speak of him (in a cool yet sinister Russian accent).

That butterfly effect then rippled in to the next day in which Connor “the burger king” McGregor had some of his Mac Life boys let him into the Barclays center where he proceeded to try and find Khabib to confront him about the incident with his boy Lobov where McGregor felt Khabib tried to punk him when he was by himself(Lobov). Connor then went B A N A N A S (in Gwen Stefani’s voice) followed up by helping heap of Coo Coo for cocoa puffs with 20 plus henchmen and in the chaos a few fighters were injured. Michael Chiesa had cuts on his head and face from the glass window that Connor threw a dolly through, which also injured Ray Borg who was sitting next to Chiesa. Borg had small glass particles that had hit him in the eye and both fighters had to be looked by medical staff. Not including the psychological damage that Connor inflicted on the women fighters Rose Namajunas was so upset she had left and walked back to her hotel. I would not be surprised if this card is Cancelled!

Long day ahead of us Ladies and Gentlemen I am a HUGE MMA fan which is a brutal sport where in a fight there is always a winner and a loser, unfortunately these kinds of actions are NOT and should NOT be taken lightly. This sport is violent in nature but through competition these fighters respect one another even though they may not personally like their opponent usually there is a mutual Respect.

I will do a fight by fight breakdown and have it posted before lock tomorrow if the card is going to take place. As I am writing this there are only 9 scheduled fights the UFC is trying to work out a possible replacement for Khabib, possibly Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, Al “Ragin real estate agent” Iaquinta or possibly Paul “the Irish Dragon” Felder. We will see how this all plays out, I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Yo Boy,