UFC Fight Night 114 Predictions by @jefpo – 8.4.17


UFC Fight Night 114 Mexico City

The Altitude will come into play with some of these fights

Early Prelims

Alvaro Herrera vs Jordan Rinaldi

Herrera– A typical Mexican brawler has some decent power does have issues with wrestlers and defending the take down

Rinaldi– Wrestler will use his striking to set up takedowns should land multiple takedowns to control Herrera

My Pick-Rinaldi


Joseph Morales vs Roberto Sanchez

Morales-BJJ/wrestler making his debut

Sanchez-Grappler making his debut

My Pick- Morales


FS1 Prelims

Jose Quinonez vs Diego Rivas

Quinonez-well-rounded fighter good striker elbows in the clinch knees to the body good takedowns

Rivas-has not fought in 17 months in which he won by KO he is still developing as a mixed martial artist does have issues being taken down

My Pick- Quinonez


Henry Briones vs Rani Yahya

Briones– Solid striker decent takedown defense went 3 rounds with Cody Garbrandt if he can keep the fight standing will have major advantage

Yahya– BJJ 1 dimensional will shoot for takedowns and look for submissions tends to gas

My Pick- Briones


Dustin Ortiz vs Hector Sandoval

Ortiz-wrestler shoots for allot of takedowns journeyman fighter might just be fighting for paycheck

Sandoval-built like a fire hydrant powerful wrestler with crisp striking and insane power if he gets taken down will use his power to get back up

My Pick- Sandoval


Bradley Scott vs Jack Hermansson

Scott-Kickboxer mediocre fighter

Hermansson-Technical striker with decent power has good takedowns and could use his grappling skills to take Scott down and possibly submit him

My Pick- Hermansson


FS1 Main card

Alejandro Perez vs Andre Soukhamthath

Perez-Not very flashy fighter good take down defense Punches in bunches has not fought in 10 months decent leg kicks

Soukhamthath-Technical striker decent power likes to attack the body with punches ok take down defense tends to gas

My Pick- Perez


Sam Alvey vs Rashad Evans

Alvey-Striker with OK takedown defense massive KO power solid takedown defense does not throw allot punches if he doesn’t get the KO

Evans-Older former champion struggles against south paws my opinion he is on his way out

My Pick-Alvey


Martin Bravo vs Humberto Bandenay

Bravo-Striker moves forward not super technical ok takedown defense

Bandenay-good takedown defense not a technical striker good leg kicks to the body

My Pick-Bravo but in my opinion neither fighter is impressive


Alan Jouban vs Niko Price

Jouban-Technical Striker/kickboxer tends to stay busy on the feet will throw allot of strikes kicks punches decent takedown defense does have a questionable chin

Price-BJJ/Brawler with limited upside average striker ok kicks needs to be aggressive and push forward

My Pick-Jouban


Randa Markos vs Alexa Grasso

Markos-BJJ/Wrestler with ok striking tends to be tentative with her striking uses her jab more defensively throws with power has been improving will throw punches in high volume

Grasso-Boxer quick hands good kicks decent takedown defense but can be taken down if her opponent takes her down then she becomes tentative with her striking

My Pick-Markos


Sergio Pettis vs Brandon Moreno

Pettis-BJJ/Tae Kwando Technical Striker has been improving his striking will tend to be solid in early rounds is susceptible to being taken down and controlled will shoot for takedowns and scramble back to his feet to continue striking

Moreno-Very aggressive fighter throws punches with bad intentions with above average submission skills punches tend to be wild throws solid leg kicks will throw low leg kicks in combos and then throw a kick to the head

My Pick- this is 5 round fight with the altitude which I think favors Moreno