UFC Fight Night 125 Machida vs Anders


UFC Fight Night 125 Machida vs Anders

Feb. 3rd, 2018 Belem, Brazil

*Odds are from 5dimes as of 10am Pacific 1/30/18


Early Prelims

Maia Stevenson (6-4) $7100 +310 vs Polyana Viana (9-1) $9100 -370

Maia Stevenson making her UFC debut. Decent technical striker with good combinations below average grappling.

Polyana Viana making her UFC debut. Good striking with decent power. Very patient and aggressive grappling.


#14 Deiveson Figueiredo (13-0) $8400 -145 vs Joseph Morales (6-2) $7800 +125

Deiveson Figueiredo 2-0 in the UFC. Solid power digs. Punches to the body and uses jab effectively. Does throw his punches with ill intentions. Average takedown defense with good get up and is taken down. Does have weight cutting issues.

Joseph Morales 1-0 in the UFC. Solid submission skills, does have a very lethal guillotine average striking.


FS1 Prelims

Luri Alcantara (34-9) $8000 +100 vs Joe Soto (18-6) $8200 –120

Luri Alcantara 9-5 1NC in the UFC. Solid striker, solid grappling and  good submissions. Aging fighter and his explosiveness appears to be fading.

Joe Soto 3-4 in the UFC. Solid grappling with decent submission skills.


Douglas Silva de Andrade (24-2 1NC) $7900 +115 vs Marlon Vera (10-4-1) $8300 -135

Douglas Silva de Andrade 2-2 in the UFC. Come forward pressure average striker with solid kicks. He tends to throw a lot of single power shots. Decent takedown defense and loads up on his shots leaving himself open for counters.

Marlon Vera 4-3 in the UFC. Well rounded fighter uses kicks to gauge distance. Solid grappling with slick submissions and improving takedown defense.


Alan Patrick (14-1) $9000 -230 vs Damir Hadzovic (11-3) $7200 +190

Alan Patrick 4-1 in the UFC. Wild striker with spinning leg kicks. Good grappling tends to lay and pray, works hard for takedowns double leg takedown is impressive.

Damir Hadzovic 1-1 in the UFC. Solid striker with solid power. Below average takedown defense. Does have a lethal knee and times it well when opponents shoot for takedowns.


Sergio Moraes (12-4-1) $7400 +165 vs Tim Means (27-9-1 1NC) $8800 -190

Sergio Moraes 6-2-1 in the UFC. Good grappler with decent submissions. Wild striking looping punches. He has big power in his hooks. Very reckless stands and bangs if he can get the takedown. He has decent ground and pound.

Tim Means 9-6 1NC in the UFC. High volume striker with above average takedown defense. Throws heavy elbows in the clinch and likes the fight to get dirty. He uses distance well and grinds out his opponents.


Main Card


Thiago Santos (16-5) $9200 -300 vs Anthony Smith (28-12) $7000 +250

Thiago Santos 8-4 in the UFC. Solid striker with strong power and heavy leg kicks. Very athletic with insane kicks to the body. Throws good combinations. solid cardio and very aggressive come forward fighter.

Anthony Smith 4-2 in the UFC. Decent striker with average grappling. Uses his reach well and likes to stand and bang with good power. Does leave himself open to being countered and does not check leg kicks.


#15 Timothy Johnson (11-4) $7500 +150 vs Marcelo Golm (6-0) $8500 -170

Timothy Johnson 3-3 in the UFC. Gritty grinding type fighter with average striking and above average takedown defense.

Marcelo Golm 1-0 in the UFC. Patient high volume striker with solid grappling. Good submissions and very athletic for a heavyweight.


Michel Prazeres (22-2) $8600 -150 vs Desmond Green (20-5) $7600 +130

Michel Prazeres 7-2 in the UFC. Very aggressive grappler with decent striking. Grinder with very suffocating top game looks to close distance with forward pressure.

Desmond Green 1-1 in the UFC. Grappler with decent striking and above average takedown defense. Long rangy striker with looping type counter striker. He throws from weird angles and relies on his wrestling base. Good get up game if taken down.


#1 Valentina Shevchenko (14-3) $9600 -800 vs Priscilla Cachoeira (8-0) $6600 +550

Valentina Shevchenko 3-2 in the UFC. Well-rounded technical striker with solid grappling. Very aggressive come forward fighter with solid kicks to the head and body. Insane spinning back fist with a very high fight IQ.

Priscilla Cachoeira making her UFC debut. Average striker with average grappling does not seem to have any power behind her punches.


#8 John Dodson (20-9) $8500 -155 vs #10 Pedro Munhoz (15-2 1NC) $7700 +135

John Dodson 8-4 in the UFC. Very flashy striker with solid grappling. Has slowed as of late and throws a lot of power shots. He lulls his opponents and then shoots in for takedowns. Solid cardio with good takedown defense

Pedro Munhoz 5-2 1NC in the UFC. Pressure come forward high volume striker with solid grappling and sneaky submission skills. Stiff jab and decent takedown defense with good cardio.



#14 Lyota Machida (22-8) $7300 +230 vs Eryk Anders (10-0) $8900 -270

Lyota Machida 14-8 in the UFC. Counter striker with good grappling. Aging fighter post Usada has not looked the same coming back from a vicious KO loss three months ago.

Eryk Anders 2-0 in the UFC. Very athletic striker with aggressive takedowns. National champion with Alabama.