Where do your NFL favorites land in Mock Drafts?


Michael Fablano, a senior fantasy expert for the NFL went over his fantasy mock draft over at the NFL.

Some changes have been made recently with the signing of Jeremy Maclin to Baltimore, Eric Decker to the Titans, and it looks like Christian Hackenberg is gaining ground on Josh McCown for number 1 QB in New York.

I’m not sure anyone can complain about most of the picks in the top five including David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott, Antonio Brown and Julio Jones. From what I have seen most mocks have those top players, but maybe in a different order.

Risers this year that stand out to me include LeSean McCoy in most top ten fantasy players this season, Jay Ajayi in top 15 picks, guys who are returning from strong rookie seasons like Jordan Horward and Michael Thomas as 15 and 16 respectfully and Brandon Cooks as a Patriot at number 19.

We see Tyreek Hill at 41th and headed upward and Quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady at 42nd and 44th.