Wig’s Picks w/ @JefPo – UFC Fight Night 115


UFC Fight Night 115 Volkov vs Struve Rotterdam, Netherlands

Fight Pass Prelims

Thibault Gouti (11-3-0) vs Andrew Holbrook (12-2-0)

Thibault Gouti-Striker came into the UFC with 11-0 record currently on a 3-fight losing skid. All his wins came from smaller promotions. Decent striking foundation with good power and utilizes his jab effectively, tends to rely on his striking but tends to not fire back when his opponent starts to unload punches. Has average takedown defense can utilize his sprawl to defend initial takedowns but more savvy grapplers will have no issue taking him down.

Andrew Holbrook-Wrestler 2-2 in the UFC both wins came by decision both losses came by first round KO all other wins came from smaller promotions. Not a very flashy fighter makes up for his lack of speed and athleticism with grit and tenacity uses his striking to put himself into a position to take the fight to the ground where can finish the fight with a submission (9 wins) though he is still developing as a mma fighter basically one dimensional.

My Pick Andrew Holbrook


Bojan Mihajlovic (10-5-0) vs Abdul-Kerim Edilov (16-4-0)

Bojan Mihajlovic-Mma fighter 0-2 (1 loss at HW 1 loss at LHW) in the UFC won previous 10 fights all in smaller promotion in Serbia. Has a Lutra livre black belt, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown belt, Judo Black belt also trains Muay Thai, boxing and wrestling. Initially fought at HW but being 5’11” with short arms and a barrel chest was better suited to drop down in weight class to LHW. Has solid leg kicks and usually uses his striking to get into a clinch where he tries to take the fight to the ground where his ground and pound shine.

Abdul-Kerim Edilov-Wrestler/Sambo Fighter currently on 10 fight win streak making his UFC debut. 6’3” monster built like a freak of nature has a solid chin and cardio to go the distance. Has decent power (8 wins by KO) solid Takedowns and ground game (7 wins by submission) all 15 wins have come in the first round. While his sambo and wrestling are his bread and butter his accuracy with his power strikes sets him apart from the crowd. He uses his striking to set up solid takedowns in a variety of ways.

My Pick Abdul-Kerim Edilov


Mike Santiago (21-9-0) vs Zabit Magomedsharipov (12-1-0)

Mike Santiago-Striker making his UFC debut. Had a convincing win over Mark Cherico on Dana Whites Contender series with a devastating first round KO.

Zabit Magomedsharipov-Mma Fighter making his UFC debut riding an 8-fight win streak. Zabit is a large featherweight standing at 6’1”. Has a solid striking game coupled with great takedown defense even when taken down will work his way back to his feet with no issue. Uses flashy spinning back fists and insane leg kicks mixed with some high level striking and if the fight goes to the ground can ground in pound his opponent with the accuracy of a sniper.

My Pick Zabit Magomedsharipov


Francimar Barroso (19-5-0) vs Aleksandar Rakic (8-1-0)

Francimar Barroso-Striker/BJJ 4-2-1 in the UFC. Will try to use his striking to get a position to set up a takedown and use his BJJ to finish the fight by submission or grind the fight out to a decision is susceptible to getting counter punched and gassing in the later rounds.

 Aleksandar Rakic-Mma Fighter making his UFC debut. Will utilize leg kicks and strikes in a frantic pace to overwhelm his opponents. Has solid takedown defense and will try to keep the fight standing where he will look to land head kicks and powerful counter strikes always looking to finish the fight.

My Pick Aleksandar Rakic


Rustam Khabilov (21-3-0) vs Desmond Green (20-5-0)

Rustam Khabilov-Grappler/Sambo fighter 7-2 in the UFC. Master of the suplex and like majority of Sambo fighters his ground and pound game is pretty good, does have some solid submission skills while his striking has improved with dominant right hand, and with an underutilized leg kick game. While his bread and butter will be trying to suplex his opponent and get them to the ground and move into position for a submission.

Desmond Green-Wrestler/Striker 1-0 in the UFC will use his striking to keep the fight standing and use his wrestling experience and 100% take down defense to keep the fight standing up. Will need to use his speed and strike in high volume like his UFC debut fight to get the decision.

My Pick Desmond green


Michel Prazeres (22-2-0) vs Mads Burnell (8-1-0)

Michel Prazeres-Striker/Grappler 6-2 in the UFC with the nickname like the “tractor” is a good description of his fighting style always moving forward, big power solid wrestling will try to overpower and grind out the victory against his opponents.

Mads Burnell-BJJ/grappler making his UFC, took this fight on short notice normally fights at featherweight took this fight at lightweight. Does have a BJJ Black belt and currently on a 3-fight win streak 2 of those wins have been by submission.

My Pick Michel Prazeres


Mairbek Taisumov (25-5-0) vs Felipe Silva (8-0-0)

Mairbek Taisumov-Striker/Grappler 5-1 in the UFC, 4 of his 5 wins have come by KO or TKO. Well-rounded fighter solid power and solid chin will put pressure on his opponent.

Felipe Silva-Muay Thai/Striker 1-0 in the UFC. Striking game on point with some wicked knees and elbows from the Muay Thai clinch. Digs power punches to the body and combos those into the head, Very aggressive fighter will be in the face of his opponent nonstop.

My Pick Mairbek Taisumov


Darren Till (14-0-1) vs Bojan Velickovic (15-4-1)

Darren Till-Muay Thai 2-0-1 in the UFC. Solid striking with decent power in his left hand will try to utilize head kicks and Muay Thai clinch to land some knees and dirty boxing. Decent takedown defense with solid ground and pound.

Bojan Velickovic-Muay Thai/grappler 2-1-1 in the UFC. Grinding type fighter likes to get the fight next to the cage and throw knees and short punches not a high-volume striker though. Average wrestling with a decent double leg takedown once he gets his opponent down tends to “lay and pray” doesn’t really look for submissions or be very aggressive with the ground and pound.

My Pick Darren Till


Main Card

Leon Edwards (13-3-0) vs Bryan Barberena (13-4-0)

Leon Edwards-Striker 5-2 in the UFC. Decent striker with fast crisp accurate shots just doesn’t throw enough strikes and some BJJ submission ability and above average take down defense. Not very aggressive fighter uses his strikes to set up takedowns

Bryan Barberena-Striker/Grappler 4-2 in the UFC. “Bam Bam” lives up to his nickname fights with allot of heart and has an above average gas tank which helps him drag his opponents threw deep waters in the later rounds. Throws punches in bunches averages 5.31 strikes per minute. Not a flashy fighter but his volume and gas tank coupled with good leg kicks and decent takedown defense to wear down his opponents.

My Pick Bryan Barberena


Marion Reneau (7-3-1) vs Talita de Oliveira (5-1-0)

Marion Reneau-Grappler/Striker 3-2-1 in the UFC. Good striking with average takedown defense. Older fighter (40 yrs. old) tends to get hit allot and fade in the later rounds.

Talita de Oliveira-BJJ/Muay Thai making UFC debut. taking this fight on short notice all finishes have been in the first round.

My Pick Talita de Oliveira


Siyar Bahadurzada (22-6-1) vs Rob Wilkinson (11-0-0)

Siyar Bahadurzada-Striker 2-2 in the UFC. strong one hit KO power good ground game mixed bag of skill set. One of the knocks is which Siyar will show up?

Rob Wilkinson-Wrestler making his UFC debut. I could not find very much video on this guy what I did find is that he is grinding type fighter good ground and pound some slick submission skills albeit against low level competition. In the videos, seems to eat allot of punches.

My Pick Siyar Bahadurzada


Alexander Volkov (28-6-0) vs Steven Struve (32-8-0)

Alexander Volkov-Striker/BJJ 2-0 in the UFC. Very technical striker with fast and powerful leg kicks. Decent cardio for a HW average wrestling skill with above average takedown defense. Works well in the clinch to throw some knees and use some dirty boxing. Punches at 4.22 strikes landed per minute which explains 18 of his wins are by TKO and 2 wins are actual KO.

Steven Struve-Kickboxer 12-6 in the UFC. The enigma of “The Skyscraper” doesn’t utilize his reach and his striking seems disjointed not very technical. Wrestling is almost non-existent but his grappling scramble is solid for a HW very fluid on the ground (5 submission wins in the UFC 17 total). A striker that takes advantage of his opponent’s mistake an opportunistic grappler with finishing instincts.

My Pick Aleksander Volkov